Interesting Bingo Fun Fact

Thousands of people around the world sit in front of their computer every day to enjoy a relaxing game of online bingo but there are lots of fun facts that even the most avid players don't know about their favorite pastime. We, at Fun Time Bingo, have compiled a list of trivia to ensure that you're never caught off guard next time someone asks you a question about it! One of the reasons that Online Bingo is so popular is that players with busy schedules can easily find time for a game whenever they get a few extra minutes. Did you know that the average game lasts four and half minutes? It doesn't get more convenient than that!

In the United States bingo is so popular that every week $100,000,000 are spent on bingo cards. Luckily for you, Fun Time Bingo has the most competitive prices in the industry so you can have the chance of winning great prizes for the cheapest fees around!

Part of the fun of playing Online Bingo is that you could be playing with virtually anyone from around the world. Through the internet every kind of race, creed, sex and social class can come together to have a good time. Anyone from housewives, professionals and students to celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones or Robin Williams who are known to be passionate Bingo lovers. And while lots of men are Bingo enthusiasts it has been shown that women spend 50% more time playing than men. Another large percentage is the amount of animal lovers. Most online Bingo players own at least one cat!

Bingo is huge in Europe where 8% of the population are professed bingo fans. In the UK alone Bingo ranks as the number one most popular group activity and the second most popular individual leisure activity. Clubs in the UK report 2 million entries a week which is equal to 90 million a year!

- Bingo is also considered one of the most respectable forms of gambling. Currently it is the only one allowed by the armed forces. Maybe this is due to the fact that on average 96% of bingo players claim that they have one at least once. Mathematically the odds of winning a game are staggering, there are, literally over 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000,000 winning combinations!