75 Ball Bingo vs. 90 Ball Bingo

The two most popular variations of Bingo are the 75 ball and the 90 ball. Many people don't know the difference between the two so we're breaking it down for all of the Funtimers out there! Traditionally, 90 ball bingo has been more popular in Europe and Australia while 75 ball is played the most in the US. In essence they are both very similar, both require you to buy bingo cards with predetermined numbers on them, in both you mark your numbers as they are called out and you win once all the numbers on your card have been called. So in essence both games are played the same the only difference being in the cards and the special bonus patterns on them.

75 Ball Bingo

75 is played on 5x5 card with a free space, 75 numbers are called in five columns of 15 numbers each. These columns represents the five letters of bingo and the letters are found at the top of the ticket where each row starts. All of the numbers on the card have been randomly selected from 1 to 75. Each individual card has its own identifying code that is used for support purposes. To make the games more challenging there are usually patterns that give players bonus points if they are able to complete them. Some classic 75 ball patterns are 4 corners, one line, a T, the love pattern (heart shape), letters of the alphabet, numbers and more. When an entire block of 75 numbers in 75 ball bingo are shaded, it is called a coverall.

90 Ball Bingo

In the game 90 ball bingo, the cards used for the game are called tickets. The dimensions of each ticket are three horizontal lines by nine columns. The tickets come in packs of cards that have six tickets and each of these cards has 90 numbers that are distributed throughout the six tickets. Of the nine squares found in each row, five of them have numbers that range from 1 to 90 while the others remain blank. So a typical card would look like this:

Column 1: Numbers 1-9
Column 2: 10-19
Column 3: 20-29
Column 4: 30-39
Column 5: 40-49
Column 6: 50-59
Column 7: 60-69
Column 8: 70-79
Column 9: 80-89
Once a card is played, all the possible numbers from one to 90 are called and at each bingo call, a number is daubed.

Commonly 90 ball bingo is played in three stages:

One Line: - The goal is to mark a horizontal line with 5 numbers in a row across one card. Two Lines: The goal is to get two horizontal lines with 10numbers on one card. Full House: Finally Full house happens when a player get three horizontal lines (15 numbers). This is actually just like winning a regular bingo game since it means that all the spaces on the card have been filled. 90 Ball Bingo has gained lots of popularity throughout the years due to the fact that it has 3 prizes as opposed to one. Many experts have claimed that 90 ball is the future of the game with some of the top Bingo sites (Like BingoParadise.com!) exclusively holding these types of games.